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We operate in Japan since 1991. We produce a wide range of spring mechanisms for the automotive, textile and consumer goods industries. As a member of the KERN-LIEBERS Group of Companies we benefit from the shared experience and technical know-how.


In 1991 we began with the production and assembly of spring mechanisms for car safety belts in the city of Kusatsu (Shiga prefecture). We supply car manufacturers and their suppliers worldwide.

In 2004 we also started with producing textile machinery parts to our customers in the textile machine industry. The following year we built our own tooling, so that we are able to provide our customers with economical and cost-effective solutions and to meet demanding deadlines of product delivery


Akihiko Yamamidori
Akihiko Yamamidori, Sales Director
Phone: +81 77 599 3126
E-Mail: akihiko.yamamidori@kern-liebers.com
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The KERN-LIEBERS group of companies employs around 7.900 people in over 50 companies at more than 40 locations around the world.

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